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MyVodkaMaker Is The First And Only Automated, Countertop, Air-cooled Continuous Still To Allow Anyone, Regardless Of Technical Skill Or Experience, To

Create Quality Homemade Spirits With Very Little Effort...

Quality and taste

Quality and taste/What

MyVodkaMaker is an automated, countertop, air-cooled continuous Coffey fractional still , it is effectively three high reflux stills in a row, it has a stripper section, a spirit section and a heads section so it can do a complete run all in one go at the same time, producing an excellent quality spirit. With MyVodkaMaker, you can run a vodka directly from an uncleared wash to your glass, making it so pure that no additional runs or filtering are needed.



Other stills require you to spend a whole afternoon loading and unloading many pots full of potentially hot wash to do many stripping runs followed by spirit runs and maybe some filtering... but with MyVodkaMaker you can automatically run any volume continuously without the need to fiddle with cooling water... Just stick the feed tube in the barrel, the waste tube in the drain and let her run automatically... so easy with no fuss. You can run directly from the fermentor to your glass... so pure there is no need for multiple runs or filtering.



MyVodkaMaker is designed to be convenient, unobtrusive and discrete so it is easy to use in a small space at home or in an apartment. It takes up almost no space. It looks more like a kitchen appliance than column style equipment. It is so discrete we even ship it as a non branded appliance.

Use myVodkaMaker to make all kinds of REALLY cool spirits to entertain, engage, and affect your friends and family in a positive way.
It can be used for to make vodka, gin and even dark spirits for aging, to be enjoyed on special occasions, or just for everyday fun. The only limit is your imagination!

Watch Bearded's thorough review on YouTube :

Never again think, 'I need something a little bigger or faster.'

Imagine how many hours' worth of work it will be to run a 55-gallon (210-liter) barrel with your small still. Now, imagine how big a still you will need to run it in under an hour's worth of work - that is the effective size of MyVodkaMaker. You can run anything from 100ml to a few gallons to a whole barrel, all with the same minimal effort.

Slow and steady wins the race.

It's truly amazing to see how much this small machine produces over time when compared to the effort and time you put in.

Two models to suit your need and budget

(Mini) Plus
Built-in Recipes  2 5
ABV range  85% to 90% 60% to 93%
Wash processing  7 Liter per day 20 Liter per day
750ml bottles/day  1 to 2 3 to 5
Water  Yes Yes
Vodka  Yes Yes
Gin  No Yes
Whiskey  No Yes
Brandy  No Yes
Controls  2.4GHz Wifi,WebApp 2.4GHz Wifi,WebApp
Max Power  100W 250W
Size  140 x 140 x 210mm  165 x 210 x 295mm
Weight  1.6 Kg 3.5 Kg
Shipping US/CA/EU  $49 $79
Non US/CA/EU  $79 $129
Online price  $299 $499

How does myVodkaMaker compare to rivals in the market?

Being a novel, Wi-Fi-connected, small automatic appliance, myVodkaMaker does not have any genuine rivals in the market - it is a unique new patent pending innovation.

There are many small manual stills on the market but they are not automatic, taking a whole afternoon's work in order to make just a bottle of spirit, but with myVodkaMaker you just stick the feed tube in the wash and you come back to a plenty of spirit a day.
No Fuss.

Technical Specifications

1x MyVodkaMaker
1x Feed tube
1x Mesh filter
1x Waste tube
Limited 24 month Warranty
Requires an IEC C13 (Computer) cable not supplied.

User Interface
Simple Single Button operation.
Programmable via 2.4GHz WiFi Web interface.
10 User Programmable recipes.
Set and forget(auto resume).

250 W maximum
Voltage 100V to 250V AC (Soft Selectable)

Column materials
Copper boiler
Copper Spiral column
Copper inlet and and outlets
Stainless steel 316L SPP Packing
Lead free Solder 97/3 (97% tin, 3% copper)
Contains no seals or any kind of plastic in the spirit path.

Operating conditions
Ambient temperature 15°C to 25°C
Well ventilated room
Keep away from direct sunlight

Country of origin
Proudly Designed & Made in South Africa

User/Operator manual

MyVodkaMaker Is The Perfect Choice For...

Anyone wanting to start the hobby

The biggest factor in delaying or even preventing someone from starting this great hobby is uncertainty. Traditionally, there is so much to learn if you want to safely make good quality spirits at home that most people just won't bother to try. However, MyVodkaMaker removes this uncertainty and enables you to safely make a good quality spirit right from the start with only a little knowledge to begin with... MyVodkaMaker is perfect for this.

Airstill or Small pot home distillers

Cheap airstills and small stove-top pots have often served as the de facto starting point for many home distillers. They have their place in the tool belt, especially for conducting small pot still experiments. However, using them as your primary still can be frustrating, leading to a loss of patience and ultimately interest in the hobby or you may feel the need to upgrade to a larger still, but you simply do not have the space or the patience to fiddle with water cooling... MyVodkaMaker is perfect for this.

Anyone that feels the need to upgrade to something 'bigger'

The truth is, regardless of the size of the batch still you purchase or the thousands of watts of power you apply to it, the speed at which you can produce will only increase proportionally. You will still find yourself handling the same volume of wash and spending excessive hours monitoring and tending to the process.
Eventually you will again think "I need something a little bigger or faster." MyVodkaMaker is perfect for this.

Experienced home distillers

A fun aspect of this hobby is that there is always something new to learn or a new tool to try. For the first time in history, MyVodkaMaker has made continuous distillation just another one of those tools you should check out and use where appropriate. Perhaps you don't have the time to watch your large still all day. Maybe you lack the patience to siphon or drain another charge just to obtain a low wine. Or maybe you need a significant amount of neutral spirit to make some gin or dilute your whiskey. Alternatively, you might have over-oaked some whiskey and simply need to clean it up again... MyVodkaMaker is perfect for this.

Brewers and wine makers

Let's be honest, none of us are perfect, and sometimes things just don't turn out as they should. Instead of discarding a horrible batch of brew or wine, you can simply distill it into a neutral spirit and use it either as is or to fortify another product you may make later. However, since distilling is not your primary hobby, you don't want a large piece of equipment taking up space, and you don't want to spend hours babysitting a still. You just want to clean up the mistake as simply and easily as possible... MyVodkaMaker is perfect for this.

Tincture makers

When it comes to making tinctures of all sorts, you need to discreetly acquire a significant amount of high ABV ethanol. There is truly no simpler or more cost-effective method to produce such neutral... MyVodkaMaker is perfect for this.


Q: I heard you can go blind or die from methanol produced due to incorrectly fermented or distilled alcohol?

This widely perpetuated myth is propaganda from the days of prohibition. Consider this: alcohol is made from the same ingredients used to make bread (water, yeast, baking soda, sugar, and grains). It is very hard to create enough methanol to go blind by making your own bread... or by making your own alcohol. However, ignorant opportunists have been known to mix good alcohol with cheap industrial methanol or chemicals to make more money. This can be just as easily done with top-shelf brands as with any other type of alcohol you buy. The only way to know what you are drinking is to make your own.

Q: I heard it is really hard and dangerous to make your own alcohol?

A: This may have been true a hundred years ago, but if you use modern methods, materials, and tools, then home distilling is safer than many other hobbies, and home distillers can produce safer and better spirits because they control the quality of the ingredients they use. MyVodkaMaker's modern intrinsic safety measures elevate the safety standards to a new level, and makes MyVodkaMaker the absolute safest way to distill at home.

Q: How is myVodkaMaker 'safe'?

A: Being a safe(r) still is not about people doing the right thing, it is about the difference in outcome if they do the wrong thing. Like the difference in letting a collection jar overflow, knocking over the still, spilling wash, operating near an open flame, operating in small unventilated rooms... because of the small boiler, slow speed and smart electronic monitoring and control, in all those situations the risk is reduced, and the outcome will be significantly better with myVodkaMaker than any other still.

Q: How do you make such high-quality spirits?

A: MyVodkaMaker is a modified Coffey fractional column, it is effectively three high reflux stills in a row, doing a stripping run, a spirit run and heads separation all in one go. Heads and tails compression along with minimal heat exposure avoid creating or passing unwanted flavors to your spirit. With MyVodkaMaker, you can run a neutral directly from an uncleared wash to your glass, making it so pure that no additional runs or filtering are needed.

Q: Does myVodkaMaker make genuine Vodka?

A: Yes, by the definition of Vodka as a distilled liquor, clear and colorless and without definite aroma or taste. However, some countries have a legal requirement that products sold as Vodka has to be first distilled to 96% pure before being diluted back before it is sold. myVodkaMaker distills straight from the wash up to between 85 and 93% pure, depending on the model, quality of the wash, and the amount of fine-tuning.

Q: Can I triple distill and filter as the big brands do?

A: Yes, you can dilute your spirit to about 12% ABV with clean water and rerun it to double or even triple distill. If you want you can filter with a simple jug filter. However, we think you are going to find that it is not necessary to do that.

Q: What is the best way to make brandy or whisky?

A: A large copper pot still is the traditional and the accepted best way to make dark spirits, but many commercial brands do make those spirits with continuous stills. MyVodkaMaker-Plus can also distill those spirits to 66% to 80% (as the big distillers do), but you are going to have less flavor from the raw ingredients than in a pot still. As they say, your mileage may vary. Check this great Whiskey Tribe video for explanation.

Q: Is there a gin basket to make gin?

A: No, the process to make gin in MyVodkaMaker-Plus involves the following steps: first, produce a 90% ABV neutral spirit using MyVodkaMaker, then crush and soak the botanicals in the neutral spirit, and finally, re-distill the macerated mixture to 66% ABV to achieve a delightful gin.

Q: Can I distill 'on grain'?

A: No, myVodkaMaker cannot process solids, so any solids have to be filtered out before going into the still. myVodkaMaker comes with a small mesh filter to do just that, so just stick the feed tube down into your mash and let it do its thing. But this is not suitable for mashes made from a fine meal, such mashes must first be cleared like with most other stills.

Q: Can I drink undiluted high-proof (90% or 180 proof) alcohol?**

A: **!!DON'T!!** Such a strong drink is really dangerous. To avoid risk, at least dilute 1 part myVodka with 1 part water to get a similar concentration to commercial bottles - about 45% ABV. Further, reducing alcohol concentration to under 15% by further diluting with at least 2 parts mix greatly reduces its harmful effects, so rather enjoy it with a sugar free cola mix or fruit juice. Enjoy responsibly.

Q: Lol wut? Is that an Airstill kinda thing?

A: Sort of, but not really. The only similarity it shares with the Airstill is that it doesn't require external cooling water. However, there are several notable differences. Firstly, MyVodkaMaker utilizes the incoming wash as the primary coolant, resulting in exceptional energy efficiency. Secondly, unlike the Airstill which runs 4L batches, MyVodkaMaker can handle any size, including even 55Gal/210L drums, making it hassle-free. Also, MyVodkaMaker isn't just a simple pot still; it encompasses three reflux stills in one design.

Q: Why would I want a machine that only makes one thing?

A: MyVodkaMaker-Plus,as "plus" suggests, can also make other spirits like gin, whiskey, brandy, or rum, but it really excels at making neutral spirits, and...
1) If you're a beginner who isn't sure what to do, this is by far the simplest way to get started and produce lots of high-quality spirits right away.
2) Neutral spirits are very useful, they can be used to make a variety of interesting spirits, such as vodka, blended whisky, cut brandy, gins and liqueurs.
3) If you're an experienced distiller with a great still for making dark spirits or gin, you'll probably still need a lot of neutral, and making a lot of neutral is a lot of work for a small reward, so let MyVodkaMaker do it for you.

Q: I don't want others to know I got myVodkaMaker:

We ship discretely under a neutral brand., and we are under no obligation to report any buyer information to anyone in the USA

Q: What about shipping and customs?

We have successfully shipped to the USA, Canada, France, the UK, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia. It's important to note that there are no import taxes or duties for US customers for orders below $800. However, for customers in other countries, customs-related charges are not included in the shipping cost, and you will be responsible for paying these charges when the goods arrive.

We are under no obligation to report any buyer information to any one in the USA

Q: What about the waiting list?

MyVodkaMaker is in high demand, and we ship them as quickly as they are built, the shipping waiting list for new orders at the moment is about 2 weeks.

It's truly amazing to see how much this small machine produces over time when compared to the effort and time you used to put into hauling equipment and large buckets, and babysitting pots.


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